Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Disney Games on Twitter

We all love Walt Disney World, and at WDW there are lots of fun games to play. Unfortunately, we can't all be in Disney all the time. What to do? Well, as many of you know I have a Twitter account and I regularly post entertaining facts about Walt Disney World. However, for those of who who don't know me from twitter and have instead found my blog through Google or a link from another site, here's a few of the things to find on my Twitter page:

Facts and Trivia:
Well, now that one's just obvious. After all, my site is called

Where am I? Game:
This is a fun little "Tweet" game I play with my followers. I post a picture from Walt Disney World and you tell me where I took the picture at, judging from clues in the photo.

What am I? Game
This one is for all of the wordsmiths out there. It's basically an anagram game. I give you a word or a series of words. You rearrange the letters and tell me what it is unscrambled. The word/phrase is always something Disney, either something from the parks, hotels or show.

I'll be coming up with more fun stuff to do on my Twitter page soon! So get a Twitter account and follow me @