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Walt Disney Time Travel !!!!

World of Motion

I'm going to take you back. No, not "back to the future". Actually, we are going back to 1982. Yes, it was the year when EPCOT was opening, and you can already guess what we are going to talk about. Let me guess, you are thinking "Horizons". Well, sorry, but that wasn't open back at 1982, maybe another time. What was that? You said "Journey into Imagination"? My friend, the pavillion was there, but the actual ride didn't open until 1983. Did somebody said "CommuniCore"? Good guess, but thats not our subject today. Lets hop into the DeLorean, and go back to the past, as we take a look at one of my favorite old-time attractions, WORLD OF MOTION.

World of Motion was the first attraction that took place at the Transportation pavillion. The same pavillion that today holds the Test Track ride (which is awesome, I must confess). But before we talk about the actual ride, let me inform you about some interesting stuff. It was an opening day attraction sponsored by General Motors, that wanted to give a funny look on the transportation history. That was interesting, because most people said that EPCOT Center was not a park for the kids. Its story began when General Motors wanted to sponsor a pavillion at Epcot, because Ford had one at the 1964's New York World's Fair. GM then signed a 10 year sponsorship deal, and construction began on the ride, together with EPCOT Center's own construction.

The ride then took you to a trip on OmniMover's that told you all about the transportation history - in a way that it would be educational and interesting. It was narrated by Gary Owens, and featured 188 Audio-Animatronics, that featured from a sailor looking at his telescope, with a sea serpent looking back; a man who just fell from his bike; another man who was running from a dog and much more. Of course, you can tell by reading this that World of Motion exceeded at its task: educate and entertain kids and adults.

And the ride didn't end there. After a look at the city of the future, and another incredible use of the Pepper's Ghost effect, where people saw that their OmniMover's had just transformed into vehicles from the future, you were dropped at the Transcenter, a huge place where you had much more to see! Look at GM cars from the past, the present and the future! Take a look at the Water Engine, and sneak into The Dreamer's Workshop, to see concepts for future GM cars! Also, my personal favorite, the show Bird an the Robot, where an New York bird presented his fellow robot companion - named Tiger - do lots of tricks such as play dead, conduct an orchestra, and more - in fact, he was the first Audio Animatronic to PICK UP stuff, such as an Applause/Boo sign and an conductor baton.

But it all had to end. In 1992, GM had just signed another contract, but had a new idea: "How about the Disney Imagineers make another ride, but this time, make it focus more on CARS than the concept of general transportation?". And so, World of Motion was closed and Test Track was born. My opnion on this? Test Track is a great attraction, and World of Motion was a great attraction too. Both had the same level of "awesomeness". So, I say that every attraction has its time, and World of Motion time had come. But we will never forget that when it comes to transportation, it's always fun to be free.

It's fun to be free,
to be on the move.
To go anywhere,
with never a care.
To do all you wanted to do,
it's fun to be free!

It's fun to be free,
to be on the move.
To go where you please,
with comfort and ease.
To see all there is to be seen,
it's fun to be free!

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