Saturday, September 12, 2009

Imagineer Errors: Stitch's Great Escape


Hello there, little humans. My name is F.A.C.T, which stands for Fictional Animatronic that Comes from Tomorrow. I have been brought from the Tomorrowland of 2015 in order to explain some things to you, humans. Right, everyone is seated? Let's start.
In Tomorrowland of 2015, we were discussing an incredible bad problem that you humans were suffering. And it stayed right in the first building on the right side of one of the roads of Tomorrowland. I'm talking about Stitch's Great Escape. But before we talk about that attraction, let's talk about what was there before Stitch found a lair in that building.

The attraction that was there was called Alien Encounter. You were seated around a big tube, and you saw an teleportation experiment going wrong, as XS, the company that made the teleportation, instead of bringing a friendly alien, brough to Earth an maniac, meat-eating alien. And it's next dish was going to be you. The ride even featured scenes where blood, fake blood of course, was sprayed in the audience. It was belove by some, but hated by the others. Some people started complaining that their kids were begging them to leave the ride, and that they would never want to come back to Disney while that attraction was still there.

Disney Imagineers quickly decided that they would have to do something quickly. They decided to replace XS and put something more kid-friendly on that ride, using the same technology. And then, with a quick SNAP, Imagineering made an horrible decision: Let's put Stitch there.
But why a horrible decision? Well, its because they had their reasons and problems. First, they only chose Stitch not because he was loved by the kids, but because he selled more merchandise quickly than any other character in Tomorrowland (Mike Wazowski wasn't there during this transition, there was The Timekeeper). And because he selled more merchandise, soon Stitch started taking over lots of places over the Walt Disney World resort. He is in every store of the resort, and some people call him the "guy who makes rides be a failure", because everything that Stitch starred, with the sad exception of Stitch's Great Escape, went down in a couple of weeks.
Imagineering also made a horrible solution: they didn't even planned a new ride. Stitch's Great Escape used the same things and history as Alien Encounter, the difference is that there was a Stitch instead of an menacing Alien. However, the ride lost its replay factor. Alien Encounter was fun and scary, providing a excellent experience. However, Stitch's version of the ride was horrible and low on effects. The only effects I do remember that were fun were when Stitch's eats a onion sandvich and the smell of it was sprayed on you.

Stitch's Great Escape is more like a Great Failure, and even Imagineers admit that. But why they don't replace it? Well, its because Stitch, even with a horrible ride, still sells merchandise! That is why this ride is one of the biggest Imagineer Errors.
Well, humans, that is all I have to say. I hope to see you and your little cameras soon in the future. Bon Voyage!
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